Ask anybody what they want to be,  they’ll all have different things to say but, if we are observant enough, we’ll realize that underneath all those hopes, wishes and dreams there is one thing they all want to be, happy. It’s only human nature of complicating things. We find ourselves always searching for “something” that seems just out of reach. When we do get the chance to grasp it, we ruin it by overthinking, pulling back and not letting things fall into their place. Maybe it is the expectation that fucks it all up,  maybe happiness is not something to achieve but something to be discovered and, maybe we do find it but only in the smallest moments in which we fail to recognize and embrace it, live it or even let go of it, for good. It is the thought that happiness is a everlasting state which prevents us from realizing that we have had our fair share of it.
When we do realize this, when we choose to be happy,  then there aint no stopping us. The days become a little more pleasant,  the nights a little more serene, life gets a little more beautiful!