What’s this life for

I wake up every morning at 4am. I fix his lunch. Make his breakfast and coffee. Drive him to work, even though I don’t have a license and im out on bond with 5 years over my head if I screw up again. I goto work. Come home to clean our temporary home. Wash his clothes. Goto the grovery store. Somehow I manage to squeeze in time to work out and tan before I gotta pick him up. I try so hard to look good for him. Most days we cant even make it home before he has something to accuse me of. I cook dinner. Clean the kitchen. By this time his mouth is too much to deal with. I keep a bottle of my favorite vodka in the fridge. It’s the only way I can numb the pain. Im stuck somewhere between saying fuck it and begging him not to leave. A person can only take so much. I’ve dealt with more than enough.

I wasn’t even able to get my glasses that I do desperately need because I spent all my money on him. He threw a bitch fit so I would buy him minutes for his phone. He didn’t want to be without. I don’t even have a phone. I ain’t had one in months.

What’s this life for anyway? To live miserably?  Obviously so.

Never again. I’ve come so far. Why let one insecure BOY ruin all that


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