Stop being a whore, mom!

I have been trying to put my thoughts into words that make sense for awhile now. I hate it when i know what ito say but, i cant seem to say it.

4 year old boy (we’ll call him Dewayne) has two older siblings.  Dewayne would watch as his mother sneak countless men in and out of their home while his father was at work. Dewayne’s mother would make all the kids go outside and play while the strange men were in their home with mom. Mother would give the kids money after the men left if they promised not to tell dad.

Dewayne is now 12 years old. One day dad came home early from work and caught mom in bed with another man. Dad was furious. He said and done some things that he probably didnt mean. Dad left. Mom tried to get child support for Dewayne. Dad demanded a DNA test before paying any money. When the DNA test results came back, it showed that Dad wasn’t Dewayne’s biological father.

Dewayne is now 21 years old. He has a beautiful, loving, loyal and faithful girlfriend that is absolutely madly in love with him. Dewayne is just as crazy about her. The problem is, he remembers his childhood all too well.  Dewayne thinks that his girlfriend is going to sleep with anyone every chance she gets. He is constantly accusing her of cheating and he doesn’t believe anything she says.

5 years go by and the only thing that has changed is all the smiles have turned into tears. His gentle touch on her cheek has become bruises around her throat. Screams replace the laughter. Dewayne’s girlfriend has finally had enough. She packs her things and leaves and never looks back.


Moral of the story is how do you expect your child to have a happy and loving relationship if they dont know what it looks or feels like? Your son wont respect women because youve showed him that women arent to be respected!

Remember,  you are your childs first role model. Your actions and words do effect other people in more ways than you can imagine.